D•CURVE Snowboard Goggles

D Curve women’s snowboard goggles pink and teal.

D•CURVE Women’s Snowboard Goggles

I wanted to not like these goggles. Shallow, I know, as the reasons for not wanting to like them were… the name—D Curve. And the branding—not my jam. See? Shallow. But not really—I’m someone who embraces fashion and style as a means of expression (of the self, of the body, of politics and voice and femme-ness) and resistance.

Also, however superficial, names and branding are how we gravitate towards or repel from a known quantity. How we come to self-identify and align with a thing, at least initially. I mean, chances are D Curve is not all about the name Eat Gold Snow, nor our photo shoot with Lisa Left Eye (Lisa’s the sweet chicken here, and she had been missing her left eye for years… until she grew it back). And that’s fine. Celebrating our differences is important.

BUT. And this is a huge but. Like a “180 degree turnaround but’“ in which I say: I was wrong and/or I stand corrected. The women’s snowboard goggles I tested out from D Curve were phenomenal. I couldn’t not like them.

The Scoop On These High Quality Women’s Snowboard Goggles From D•CURVE

I love it when I assume one thing, and then come to experience a different story. It’s like when you judge the man in the MAGA hat standing in line at the DMV, and then actually start a human conversation with him and come to find out that, indeed, he is a real person with a heart and feelings and thoughts. And he practices watercolor in the evenings after laboring on the farm all day. Neither of you have to agree with one another’s politics in order to acknowledge that you’re both alive, both valid, both wading through this weird thing called life.

Basically, I judged these high quality women’s snowboard goggles, hard, before ever getting to know them. And I am very happy to have had my doubts squashed and my assumptions dismantled. No, the branding still isn’t for me. But, I don’t care. Having snowboard goggles that I can see crisply and clearly out of, without peripheral hindrance or fogging or any of the other drawbacks usually associated with snowboard goggles, is more than fine by me.

With UV+ eye protection (Nastek P3 lens technology that protects against UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light), antimicrobial foam that’s (holy shit) removable, washable, reusable and replaceable, and pricing that’s not trying to crush you, D Curve ‘s snowboard goggles for women are very worth it. Ever have a pair of snowboard goggles long enough to where the foam either starts disintegrating or leaving your skin feeling dirty after every wear? Yeah, somehow D Curve is offering washable, replaceable foam. Which is almost unheard of. Nice work, DC.

D Curve Nuptse 133 women’s snowboard goggles

A Little More About D•CURVE & Their Women’s Snowboard Goggle Lineup

While Andrew, the owner of D Curve, sent Gold Snow four sets of women’s snowboard goggles to test run, I was most drawn to the pink and teal versions of the Nuptse 133. Their minimalist frames and color-ways are aesthetically closer to the styles I most like in other goggle brands, and they fit oh so nicely on the face. A lot better than the big-name goggles I’ve ridden over the years. And with my Giro Ledge MIPS snowboard helmet, there was no gaper gap. In fact, there were no gaps at all. The face/foam/frame relationship was seamless.

Clarity and line of sight were also unexpectedly crystalline and unrestricted. I could see lines through the trees, and look down and up, without the frame a constant reminder my peripheral vision. I even cried in these goggles, and they stayed as clear as the night sky full of stars in winter. Once I stopped crying that is.

A final note on the maker and the name of these women’s snowboard goggles.

Except for a few email exchanges, I do not personally know Andrew, the owner of D Curve. I did, however, appreciate his ability to humor me, even joke a little, when I inquired about the name. Here’s what he has to say about the meaning behind D Curve:

  • It’s where 2 leading edges intersect on an airplane wing. (Aeronautics, cool)
  • It refers to the double-lens curve on our signature goggles, which creates a thermal barrier that reduces fogging and enhances your peripheral view. (The double curve is real, folx! Like a double rainbow I felt it!)
  • It’s slang for parts of the human anatomy. (THIS is where my mind went. And still goes. Oh, well.)
D Curve women’s snowboard goggles

By Laura Winberry