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In the vastly competitive sunglass and snow goggle industry, it takes more than exceptional products to differentiate a new company; it requires creativity and perseverance.  Most people don’t realize the majority of high-profile sunglass brands are controlled by a couple of giant, big box conglomerates, which sell the high-cost illusion of choice to the consumer. D•CURVE offers an alternative – a different approach to how goggles and sunglasses are designed, innovated, marketed, and priced.

After working in the sunglass industry for almost 20 years, I knew it was time to get back to the basics: offer modestly-priced products with game-changing innovations. Challenge the status quo. Shift paradigms.

Many of our competitors have intentionally designed their goggles to “wear down” or otherwise need replacement after a season. Instead of just accepting this as the norm, D•CURVE’s response is to offer a business model geared toward sustainability by providing replacement parts for the three main goggle components that wear out: lenses, straps and an industry-first: face foam. These acts of sustainability extend the life of your goggles and your bank account because you no longer have to throw away a pair of goggles due to the foam being mashed; the strap, stretched; or the lens, scratched.

With my industry insights, relationships and experience, I implemented a clear vision on how to incorporate the finest-quality materials available, with in-house, original designs, to deliver exceptional products at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Alongside my team, we manifest my back-to-basics approach by personally researching, developing and testing every product we sell. This credo makes it easier for consumers to wear premium, great-looking, outdoor eyewear at modest prices.

Thanks for supporting our small and independently owned business as we work to support you and your active, outdoor lifestyle.


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Andrew Strauss

Founder & CEO

Andrew Strauss CEO DCurve

Andrew Strauss

Founder & CEO

An avid snowboarder, mountain biker, hiker, and runner, Andrew spends more than a hundred days a year testing, reviewing and developing products in the Colorado sunshine. He recognizes premium, quality, performance eyewear is essential to Explore Boundaries. See Beyond. Defy Limits and Ride the Edge. He’s been an over-achiever in the sunglasses and goggles industry for twenty years. Andrew’s dogs have taught him important lessons to live by: Live in the moment. Play every day. Be loyal and dependable. Adapt and thrive. And, enjoy the journey.  Andrew’s favorite pair of sunglasses is the D•CURVE Apex!

Contact Andrew at:
E-mail: astrauss@dcurve.com
Mobile: 303-587-4153

Kimbery_dcurve sales

Kimberly Colfer

Sales Director

A native of the Centennial State who sometimes dreams in Spanish, Kimberly grew up skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. She taught skiing in Vail for many years to supplement her (low-paying) elementary teacher salary while living in one of Colorado’s most beautiful (expensive) mountain communities. Motivated to dive (skydive – yep, she’s done that) into a new career, Kim discovered she loves sales, becoming a top-producer for RE/MAX, selling franchises internationally and in the USA, earning numerous accolades.  She’s thrilled to Ride the Edge with D•CURVE and is honored to be promoting the D•CURVE outdoor lifestyle brand.  Her favorite pair of sunglasses?  D•CURVE’s Vertex and Mini Meridian!

Contact Kimberly at:
E-mail: kimberly@dcurve.com
Mobile: 303-808-9077

David Rose

Advisory Board Member & Talent Acquisition Partner

David Rose is a father, husband, friend, relationship builder, career strategist, recruiter, and author.  He’s also the Vice President of Recruiting with YELLOW DOG Recruiting, a national recruitment company that places leaders with some of the world’s leading companies.  Before YELLOW DOG, David led Talent Acquisition teams at American Express and Compass Group.  Throughout his career, David has helped leaders better understand what make them unique, different, and better than the competition.  His specialties include relationship building, strategic development, career coaching and counseling, succession and career planning, branding, and information sharing.  He co-authored, “Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies”, part of the acclaimed For Dummies series. D•CURVE is honored to have David on the team!  David’s favorite pair of sunglasses?  D•CURVE’s Bellanca!

Peter Rose Director of Community Engagement

Peter Rose

Director of Community Engagement

Originally from Florida, Peter has been working in the Hospitality Industry for over 20 years. Peter moved to Colorado in 1999. While in Colorado, he used his talents to support local businesses in the Denver area with Printing, Promotions, Graphic Design, Web Site Development, Street Level Marketing, Event Coordination and Marketing Consulting. Peter has organized and produced hundreds of benefit and fundraising events to promote awareness and raise well needed funds for local and national non-profit organizations. No matter the role, Peter continually exceeds client expectations and goals. Here are his simple rules for success: “Promote community; not competition,“ “Live life with INTEGRITY” and be “Inspired by Inspiration.”

Now traveling between Colorado and Florida, Peter has chosen to join D•CURVE and looks forward to introducing and supporting this Essential Eyewear and Active Lifestyle Brand.  His favorite pair of sunglasses? D•CURVE’s Piper!

D•CURVE was founded to create and market innovative, premium, great-looking outdoor eyewear and gear at a modest price. We strive to grow our business with the same ingenuity and exacting detail we use to craft our unique products – with perseverance – while promoting a healthy, active, outdoor lifestyle for all.

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