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The 2,140-acre Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville has long enchanted hikers, campers, and cyclists with its vibrant fall foliage, scenic trails, and resplendent views. Yet a relaxing day at the park can quickly turn sour. A 24-year-old hiker experienced this firsthand in February 2017, when she went missing after hitting the trails at Monte […]

20171121_aspen-highlands-04-21-2013 (2)

Ask Aspen local Tony Vagneur what he remembers most about skiing in the old days, and he answers immediately: “the cold.” Circa 1949, when Gore-Tex was a long way off, layering wool was the only way to attempt to ward off the frigid temperatures. Factor in an hour-long lift line and a 30-minute ride up […]

How To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Make sure your sunglasses are doing the job. Summers are getting hotter every year—the vast majority of us have become well acquainted with the crucial ways to protect our skin when heading outside for long periods. However, it’s not just skin that needs protecting from the sun – our eyes can also be damaged by […]